Danny Aiello and Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk

Swinging on a Star

Danny Aiello had some very memorable roles in his career. The Godfather Part II, Do the Right Thing and Moonstruck to name just a few. For me though, I’ll remember him best for three movies: Harlem Nights, 29th Street and Hudson Hawk. He had a way of playing a role, like he wasn’t playing one at all. He was funny and serious, and sympathetic. Sometimes all at once. Not only a big screen actor, he acted on TV and on stage as well. He even sang. Singing brings me to the title of this post, and more precisely, his role as Tommy Five-Tone, in Hudson Hawk. A somewhat universally panned movie starring Bruce Willis. It’s not Gone with the Wind, or Casablanca, for sure, but I’d classify it as a guilty pleasure, sufficiently campy. So silly and stupid that if you come across it, you almost have to watch. Some might say a cult classic, though I’m not sure I’d go that far. But, it has its merits, however few. Keep swinging on a star Danny, RIP.

Few More Minutes

Effin’ Birds

A crude, warped sense of humor is probably best to enjoy Effin’ Birds. But, it is easy to relate to many of their images and phrases. I plan on purchasing their book, too. Good for a laugh or two, and would probably make for a decent coffee table book, if just for reactions sake. Even if it isn’t an overly large book.



I bought chitaz.net because it needed to live again. Dad first bought this domain 20+ years ago, and he always had fun with it. At one point he even had a live webcam looking out of his window, just to show what the Chicago weather was, or wasn’t doing, at that moment. It was a labor of love for him and that’s why it needed to live on. I don’t know what anyone should expect from this place. Maybe this just becomes a place to bitch and moan about stuff. But, from the Taz on the side and what we named the site, it’s all Dad.

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