Yelling at Clouds

Rocky Wirtz turned into Abe Simpson tonight. During a town hall event to discuss the future of the Chicago Blackhawks, Rocky was asked questions concerning the sexual assault of Kyle Beach in 2010. Rocky was having none of it, laying into two respected sports journalists in the process. That sort of disgusting behavior doesn’t just disappear, and people don’t just forget about it, because you don’t want to talk about it.

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Console Warcraft

Some fans have asked/hoped for World of Warcraft to be released on consoles for a while now. It’s not likely anytime soon, but it wouldn’t surprise me either with the news breaking this morning of Microsoft’s intention to buy Activision Blizzard, for $68 Billion! That’s one way to try to bury the negative press surrounding the culture at Blizzard HQ and the scandal and lawsuits that have come from it.

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