chitaz.net was the first domain my dad ever owned. Dad also created a short-lived IRC server, TazNet and then TazNet morphed into a small side business of web hosting and site design. It was primarily for friends and family. Dad took immense pride in building and running his two specific sites: The official websites for the Village of Sleepy Hollow Police Department. and the official website for the Village of Sleepy Hollow, itself. I’m proud to say I played a part in rebuilding and redesigning both sites, a few times. I’m far from the most creative designer, but Dad got me hooked on wanting to design web pages, so it was amazing to work with him on his two favorite projects, and a few others from time to time.

I really don’t know what chitaz.net will ultimately become now. I just felt it was time for it to live again, in some form. “Are we having fun yet?” was a common Dad greeting, so it seemed fitting for the site title. When I first began cruising IRC channels, a few decades ago, because of Dad (Of course), I was ChiTazJr, so it’s time to bring that alias out of hiatus as well. If you pass by this corner of the web, please enjoy.