The Post Office Sucks! And Other Things…

If you read my previous post, I mentioned that the post office can’t manage to do its job in any reliable form right now. I know COVID has put a strain on things, but I also know that our problems with the post office started long before that damn virus decided it wanted to wreak havoc on all of us. For years now, we’re lucky to receive mail 2-3 times a week.

Maybe Amazon should buy the post office. At least we get our deliveries from them on the regular. Seriously though, 18 days between a letter being sent from across town and my appointment date, and nothing. It’s now been 20 days and still nothing. It’s a damn shame to have gotten this bad. Yet, so many people wonder why the post office is losing money. They continue to raise prices while their service continues to get worse. If this was any other big business, heads would roll and some big wig executive would be thrown out on his butt, Jazzy Jeff style, except for the golden parachute severance package. Anyway, something needs to be done. My mom and step-dad, and many others, rely on the post office to deliver medications. They’ve dealt with multiple occurrences of their meds not arriving on time, or at all! This isn’t some online impulse buy we’re talking about here. For many, they could be missing live-saving prescriptions that they now have to play phone tag with their insurance company or pharmacy, or both, to get straightened out, then wait even longer for another shipment that still may not arrive. It’s ridiculous and frightening that this hasn’t caused the unthinkable to happen. Maybe it has and we just haven’t heard about it, yet.

Speaking of the unthinkable. My family and I have lost two people close to us in the last week or so. My daughter-in-law (The good one, that my oldest step-son let get away) lost her father and both my step-son and I lost a former co-worker, both to heart attacks. Previous to that, my step-sons lost their uncle to COVID last month. The cherry on top of the shit sundae is this Monday marks 5 years since we lost my dad. It feels like only yesterday (Thanks in part to Facebook for the daily barrage of memories around this time of year from when I was updating everyone on Dad’s condition in the hospital). I handle death a lot better than I used to, but it becomes harder to handle when you get them in such quick succession.