Still #$@!ing Prediabetic!?

My doctor’s appointment came and went. Or, did it?

I arrived for my appointment only to be told, “We had to reschedule your appointment because the doctor is on vacation for over a month”. Lovely. Was anyone going to let me know this? But wait, there’s more. They tried to notify me by mail, but the post office couldn’t manage to deliver a simple letter, across town, within the 18 days between the date on the letter and the date of my appointment. Thankfully, I was able to receive my blood test results. Unfortunately, those results show I’m still prediabetic. I’m sitting here feeling somewhat defeated. What else can I do? At this moment, I’m almost 35 pounds lighter than the last time I saw my doctor at the end of May and have barely touched sugars/carbs. I’m walking a bit more than usual and am down two pants sizes. I’m also less than half a pound away from what is considered a healthy weight, or so the BMI calculator tells me. I’m still tossing around the idea of joining a gym and it seems my wife is considering it, too. I guess I keep on dieting and see where things go next.