20 Pounds!

I’ve lost 20 pounds! Not too shabby for about 9 weeks of dieting. It’s a nice milestone to hit, but I’m not done yet. The next blood work appointment is in 6 weeks. By then, I want to be down at least another 10 pounds. The prediabetes diagnosis was a good kick in the ass to get me motivated.

I’m getting close to needing new clothes. Belt adjustments have already occurred. The only thing most people have commented on is my face looks a bit thinner. The fun part will be keeping the weight off. Right now, I allow myself a cheat day once a week (On Saturdays). I’ve had around a 6-pack worth of soda in the last 9 weeks. I never thought I’d be researching nutrition labels. How was I not a full-blown diabetic long before now? I keep thinking about getting a gym membership, too. The weight loss has been wonderful but I need to lose the belly. It is a reminder of how much I used to weigh and how far I still have to go. Maybe it isn’t that bad after all.