Sometimes it just rains, and other times it’s a damn tsunami! Chicago traffic sucks. Downtown traffic sucks 10x worse. Last week, while running late for work, I took the turn into the parking garage a bit too tight and lost a battle with a concrete pillar. I scraped the hell out of the passenger side of my car, dented the back door, and crunched the front of the rear quarter panel. The worst part for me is that I’ve entered this garage 100s of time over the last few years and never came close to hitting anything.

Now, it’s been a week and the insurance company seems to go out of its way to make things difficult. File your claim on the app, they said. It’s faster, they said. Sure, until it’s time to choose a body shop. The app wouldn’t let me. After that was finally taken care of, which took until Monday because I assumed it had to do with the weekend and it was just unable to send my information to any of the body shops. Our go-to body shop was a no-go. It’s not on their super-special list of shops. To use that shop would have taken 3x as long to get the job done. Wait three more days to get an appointment and here we are. The estimate is in the morning (I hope), then wait until next week for the parts to come in. It’s as if there isn’t a single thing going on lately that doesn’t want to kick me square in the ass, one way or another.

That’s enough whining for one post. Until next time, I’m out!