When It Rains …

… It Pours! 15 Months of COVID has been rough enough most of the time, and too damn rough the rest of the time. Things are slowly returning to normal, whatever that is. While that recovery has begun, Life feels like right now is a good time to rain on my family’s parade repeatedly.

In late January, I hurt my shoulder while shoveling snow. After a week of pain, I made a doctor’s appointment I was absolutely dreading because I hadn’t been to a doctor in over 20 years. It wasn’t as bad as I feared until my follow-up appointment to go over my blood tests. A few weeks ago I was officially diagnosed as pre-diabetic. I have a family history so the diagnosis was expected but I still wasn’t ready to hear it.

At the beginning of March, my 78-year-old mother-in-law was in an accident, which totaled my wife’s car. The phone call was scary as hell. Thankfully, she managed only two stitches in her finger. This was a blessing in disguise as when Ma was transported to the hospital, they ran tests just to make sure she was okay. An MRI found tumors on her lung. Fast forward to April and Ma was in surgery to remove the lower portion of her right lung. A week ago, she began a series of low-dose chemotherapy treatments.

At the end of April. My son and his wife of almost two years, split. It hasn’t been pretty. Oh, and my incredible 10-month-old grandson is caught in the middle. We try hard to help out where we can, but between work responsibilities and the long distance between my son and his wife, both figuratively and literally. It’s a challenge for all of us, doubly so for my son.

Last week, my mom tells me she has to make an appointment with a neurosurgeon. A series of MRIs showed that her spine is compressed, putting pressure on her neck and causing numbness and balance issues, among other things, and after this consultation appointment, she’ll likely be preparing for spinal surgery. I’ve seen the inside of a doctor’s office, way too many times so far this year.

Then, over the weekend, one of our adopted kids tells me he’s moving out of state by the end of the month. Of course, I’ve spent the last few days trying to convince him otherwise. He’s a good man, but sometimes he makes decisions without thinking everything through. Reeling him back in isn’t always easy (or possible). But, I try just the same.

On the bright side, my wife and I have each received both COVID vaccines. Hopefully, that’s one less worry. As for my diet, I’m down almost 7 pounds so far.